SGT_TOM class

Stance, Grip, Trigger [Control] Triangle Of Mastery

This is a class focused on mastering the accuracy of pistol shooting.

This is a marksmanship class designed for beginner to advanced shooters to improve their overall pistol shooting performance.

This class differs from other classes due to us sharing principles behind modern-day pistol shooting techniques and we share the hacks we’ve learned from training with different instructors in the past couple of years.

Essential training/learning points regarding stance, grip, and trigger pull will be taught and demonstrated to improve students’ understanding and application of core skills, in addition to various drills to help students better execute the techniques taught in this class.

  • – A reliable handgun/pistol

  • – OWB or IWB holster and gun belt

  • – Minimum of 3 magazines. (6 mags If you are shooting a 1911 platform. You can also keep ammo in your pocket and reload at the firing line as needed.)

  • – Magazine pouches so you can carry at least 2 extra magazines

  • – At least 400 rounds of ammunition

  • – Eye and ear protection

  • – Comfortable shoes. (Expect to be on your feet most of the time.)

  • – Sunscreen, portable chair, and a hat (We will spend all day in the sun.)

  • – Drinks, snacks, and food.

At the completion of this course students will have a significantly improved accuracy and be equipped with a better understanding of:

  • – Core skills refinement: stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger pull, breathing, and follow-through

  • – Natural point of aim

  • – Sights aligned by feel

  • – Recoil management

We highly recommend you continue to improve/build upon your knowledge and skill-set to become a better, safer, and more responsible gun owner.  We offer other courses/classes (intermediate level) which you can enroll in and we can and will refer you to other great instructors (which we train with) for when you’re ready for more advanced training.


    • Contact the organizer to request a refund.

Hector M Ruiz Jr

Certified Firearms Instructor

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